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Welcome to FitnessOne’s Propel Fitness Store

When we founded FitnessOne, our central thought was to see healthier, happier people. Materialistic things alone won’t build the future, or the futures of your families or your organizations. Health, strength and cheerfulness in the face of challenges will.

Think about it: there is a direct relationship between greater strength, confidence and well-being on the one hand, and on the other hand the kind of fitness regimen you adopt, or the fitness equipment you use.

Whether you are working out at home or providing this facility at your office, you are on a fitness journey that will become a very special part of your life and will add amazing value to the lives of your family members or colleagues. Your silent friend on that journey is your fitness equipment.

Choose that carefully, buy from the right people, and it could make a world of difference. Propel, from FitnessOne is your right partner, because we make sure we match the right equipment to your needs. Whoever be the user – the software programmer, the travelling salesperson, the finance whiz-kids or the hardworking housewife, all face different challenges to their physical and mental well-being. We bring our strength of knowledge of these nuances, and ensure that you select the right equipment.

When you select from the world’s finest equipment brands, that too from FitnessOne, you eliminate the doubts on the quality of the equipment and enjoy the value we offer. Because of our economies of scale, you get more for every rupee spent on our equipments. Our volume and business model allows us to give you value based pricing, attractive combination offers and financing options.

Propel equipment matches the world’s best quality, specifications and manufacturing standards – our equipment is no different from that of the global leaders in this field. You get this at a price that is substantially lower than other global quality leaders. Our Annual Maintenance Contract will be comfortable and will ensure you can use your fitness equipment with peace of mind.

FitnessOne Advantage

In the last 16 years, we at Fitnessone, have supported more than 100000 people to reach their fitness goals. Now we are going beyond fitness centers, and offering a Unique Fitness Coaching Programs for customers in their very home. We are looking forward to guide you on a fantastic journey together selecting your equipment, putting together your very own gym, and helping you build your way to greater strength and confidence.

Please browse through our equipments and discuss with us; and we will make sure you go through the fitness transformation process smoothly.

Chat with our Customer Care or send an email to info@propelfitness.in for more details.