Treadmill CT92i


✅【MAXIMUM USER WEIGHT】 Commercial Treadmill is perfect for any fitness center, gym, commercial gym floor or for personal use. This treadmill features a maximum user weight capacity of 160kgs. This Commercial Treadmill is specially designed for heavy and multi-users.
✅【MOTOR】Our Commercial Treadmill is a reliable, smooth treadmill that helps you enjoy workouts to the fullest and with ease. Enjoy a smooth, comfortable workout with no noise. Our commercial treadmill is designed with a low center of gravity and is engineered with a powerful 3 HP AC Continuous (6 HP AC Peak) motor. It is guaranteed for 1-year! Our AC motor and AC condenser make it one of the most reliable and quietest treadmills on the market.
✅【SPEED】This best Commercial Treadmill is electric and has a maximum speed of 20 kmph, making it perfect for commercial use. Quickly and easily adapt to changing walking, running or jogging surface, adjust the speed to suit your needs, and make your own custom programs with 7 Quick Keys for a more personalized experience.
✅【INCLINE】This treadmill is an excellent and versatile piece of equipment that can be used for running on flat ground and inclines. It has an Automatic Incline feature that lets you set it at any level to increase or decrease the incline as needed. As an added bonus you also get a 5 Quick-Keys feature that allows you to change incline, speed, and automatic mode in under a minute. Incline ranges from 0-15% to provide maximum convenience and comfort for all user sizes.
✅【PROGRAMS】Our commercial-grade treadmill is at the center of your fitness regimen. This high-quality treadmill helps you burn calories and train properly, while also providing a low impact, less stressful routine on your joints. The 18 Pre-set Programs are built for a wide range of training levels and physical abilities. The 4 User Programs allow you to create your own target based mode for unique workouts