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Dual Action Cross Trainer

Model: HDA 66i

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  • ✅【MULTIFUNCTIONAL VERSATILE DESIGN & MAX. USER WEIGHT】: Our Dual Action Bike can function as an elliptical trainer and upright stationary bike and an effective cardiovascular low impact workout targeting upper & lower body muscle groups. High Quality and Solid Build for Dual Action Bike made of heavy and refined steel to support Max User weight upto 100 kgs. The surface is sprayed with special baking paint, which is environment protecting and anti-rust and anti-corrosion and safety assurance.
  • ✅【MAGNETIC RESISTANCE & FLYWHEEL】: The combination of 8 adjustable levels magnetic resistance and the 5 kgs magnetic flywheel contributes to an exceptionally smooth and nearly silent ride. This is particularly beneficial for indoor exercise, as it minimizes disturbances and allows you to focus on your workout without distraction.
  • ✅【LCD DISPLAY DIGITAL MONITOR & CONSOLE FUNCTIONS】: Our dual action bike is equipped with a user-friendly and informative digital monitor. The Multi-function LCD Display offers a clear and easy-to-read interface, allowing you to view key metrics, set goals, and monitor your workout progress. The features on the digital monitor include time, speed, distance, calories, pulse, ODO and RPM which provides valuable information and contributes to a more effective and engaging fitness routine.
  • ✅【HAND PULSE SENSORS】: Our bike is equipped with hand pulse sensors on the handlebars. These sensors can measure your heart rate when you grip them during your workout. Heart rate monitoring is useful for tracking your fitness level and maintaining a target heart rate zone for effective workouts.
  • ✅【ADJUSTABLE SEAT】: The 4 levels vertical (up/down) seat adjustment allows you to find the optimal height that suits your body and comfort level. Horizontal (forward or backward) seat adjustment ensures proper alignment of your legs and feet with the pedals, promoting a more comfortable and efficient cycling motion. This level of customization is valuable for maintaining proper form and reducing the risk of injuries, and optimizing the effectiveness of your workout sessions.
  • ✅【STRIDE LENGTH, SMOOTH & SILENT BELT DRIVE MECHANISM】: Our Bike has a stride length of 14 inches. The durable belt-drive mechanism ensures longevity, keeps your strides quiet and consistent for both short and long intense workout sessions. The belt drive system ensures quiet operation, allowing you to exercise without disturbing others in your home. The belt is designed to withstand regular use, providing a reliable and long-lasting performance.
  • ✅【TRANSPORTATION WHEELS, ANTI SLIP PEDALS】: Our Dual Action Bike features transportation wheels, which makes it easy to move the machine around your home or storage space. The extra wide anti-slip pedals are designed to provide a secure footing during your workout, and helps to prevent slips and falls. This feature ensures a safer and more comfortable workout experience. The pedals are also textured or ribbed to provide a better grip and prevent your feet from slipping off.
HDA 66i Magnetic resistance and fly wheel
Hda 66i-Dual-Action-Bike
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HDA 66i Magnetic resistance and fly wheel
Sathish Sathish
July 18, 2023

Good showroom nice responce from the showroom person Mr. Vignesh suggest me to purchase hda66i bike for weight loss and i was doing daily its worth for my family member ...strongly recommend...and

sathish kumar
October 17, 2022

Good store in valasaravakkam and i have purchased cross trainer model propel HDA66i. It's excellent.. The demo was given for easy operation and usage. It is worth cost of purchase. Trainer Mr. Sathish gave training how to use the machine and dieting tips very patiently answered all our questions and cleared doubts thanks propel fitnessone

Ashwin Prasad
September 17, 2022

I just recently purchased HDA 66i dual action bike, well explained by sales person Mr.Vignesh. Installation and delivery on time. Lastly but most importantly the visit and guidance from fitness trainer Mr.Nijanthan to my home was very useful . Overall full satisfaction from Propel brand. Recent experience with them - They will not be able to give duplicate bill if you had missed it. And they do not share any digital bill or via email to keep it stored. Be aware as they do not mention this at first place. Even if it is my mistake but they should have informed a least to keep bill safely.

Santhi Kumar
December 2, 2018

Training session completed by shafi. Very useful and informative. Machine modelHDA66I good and working properly .

Cecil Donald A
June 21, 2018

I have purchased HDA 66i... Two things i want to mention... one thing is about the fitness equipment... smooth, classy and really worthy... It makes me healthier and happier... completely satisfied with the equipment... Second thing about the trainer (Mr.Shashidhar)... He explained and showed demo on various warmup exercises and food diet nicely... Very much satisfied and happy with both fitness equipment and trainer session... I strongly recommend propel fitness to one who wants to really reduce/maintain good physique and health... 😃

June 14, 2018

Last month we bought cross trainer (HDA 66i) for home purpose. Service is very good, they have explained clearly and guided to choose the right product. Even later when I call for some queries regarding maintanence or services they have responded in timely manner. They have sent trainer (Mr Shashidhar) for free training session to my place. It’s excellent and very useful. He explained us clearly all the warmup exercises and how to use cross trainer. Provided some more suggestions for weight reduction. Overall it’s 100% worth to choose this place to buy fitness equipments.

Haseen Taj
June 3, 2018

We bought a Propel Seated Cross Trainer HDA66i. The product is great and we are very much satisfied. The free training session provided by Mr. Shashidhar was very informative and motivating during which various workout tips and diet details were shared.

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Ziaulla Khan
July 27, 2023

5.0 out of 5 stars Good


August 19, 2023

4.0 out of 5 stars Cross trainer

Worth for money

Narendra Joshi
August 20, 2023

5.0 out of 5 stars Perfect


August 22, 2023

5.0 out of 5 stars Excellent Product

Service Support is Good ... Very good product for daily workout...This bike is different than regular recumbent bike... Not only fr elders, even youngster can use it..


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