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Looking for the best home gym equipment?

FitnessOne is your go-to shop for all your gym equipment needs. We offer a wide range of products including treadmills, ellipticals, free weights, and more. Our products are designed to help you reach your fitness goals easily and affordably. With our competitive prices, you can find the right treadmill or exercise cycle for you without breaking the bank. We even have a selection of leg exercisers and running machines that are perfect for home gyms. And with our Gym Equipment Shop Near Me feature, you can easily find the nearest store to purchase our products from. So don’t wait any longer – make FitnessOne your one-stop shop for all your gym equipment needs!

Get Fit - Get Active

Are you looking to get your body in shape? If so, FitnessOne Gym Equipment Shop near you is the perfect place to find the treadmill and other gym equipment you need. With a wide range of treadmills, exercise cycles, leg exercisers, running machines and home gym equipment available at competitive prices, FitnessOne is sure to have the right piece of equipment for you. Whether you are looking for a basic treadmill or an advanced running machine with all the bells and whistles, FitnessOne has it all. So if you are ready to get serious about getting your body into shape, visit FitnessOne Gym Equipment Shop near you today!

High Quality Equipment

At FitnessOne Gym Equipment Shop, we understand that quality matters when it comes to fitness equipment. We offer a wide range of gym equipment from treadmills and exercise cycles to leg exercisers and running machines. Our products are designed to meet the highest standards of quality and performance, so you can be sure that you are getting the best value for your money. We also have a wide selection of home gym equipment  available at competitive prices. Whether you’re looking for a treadmill or an exercise cycle, we have something for everyone. And if you’re looking for a gym equipment shop near me, we can help you find one in your area. With our commitment to quality and customer service, FitnessOne is the perfect place to find all your fitness needs!

Easy Shopping Experience

Shopping for a treadmill doesn’t have to be stressful or complicated. Our friendly staff will help you find the perfect treadmill and answer all of your questions along the way.

Affordable Prices

We understand that fitness equipment can be expensive, so we make sure our prices are competitive and fair so that everyone can enjoy the benefits of owning a high-quality treadmill.

Why Choose Us

FitnessOne has you covered. Our treadmills, ellipticals, free weights, and more make it easy to reach your fitness goals. Shop our store now and get started with the best in-home exercise

Greeting customers and answering questions about the products.

Demonstrating how to use the equipment and explaining its features and benefits.

Assisting customers in choosing the right equipment for their fitness goals and budget.

Processing sales transactions and handling customer payments.

Providing customer service and addressing customer concerns or complaints.

Keeping the store and equipment clean and organized.

Staying up-to-date on industry trends and advancements in fitness equipment.

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Nice showroom and Mr. George suggest me Treadmill HT 55 it was good delivery and installation is on day itself.....and all the equipment pricing are so friendly ..Thanks propel Adyar...

gnana raja February 29, 2024

Nice showroom.Mr.vignesh knowledge person in sales man...and he personally suggest treadmill HT55 islt was good....and trainer is worth for daily workout...

Sundar Singh February 23, 2024

Nice product good communication with Mr. George suggest me treadmill HT55 it was good for daily family member workouts..

Jothi Lingam February 23, 2024

Nice response good equipment compare to other brand..

Purno Moniya February 19, 2024

I purchased Treadmill here!! Product was good and working staffs are very helpful to choose the product and explanation was short and clear!!

balabharathi kkb February 16, 2024

Nice showroom ...good response with Mr.satish... ..pricing are so less compare to other brand.. Strongly recommended.....

Vishnu Suresh February 13, 2024

Nice showroom having a lot of treadmill models. And good response with mr. Nijanthan and he suggest me HT55 treadmill and I purchased delivery and Installation is on the day.....and trainer came at home for training session it was helpfull.....

Tara Chand February 12, 2024

Nice showroom compare to other brand pricing are good...and I purchased HX69i I was good whole body weight loss machine delivery and installation is on the day....strongly recommend....

Elaiya Perumal February 12, 2024

I bought a cx93i machine it was good apartment and installation is good on time and nice response with Mr. Murgan. And trainer came for training session it was helpful...

John Peter February 10, 2024

Nice showroom good response with Mr. Vignesh and he suggest me cx83i efx machine it was wor weight loss ... and delivery and installation is good on time.. and trainer came at home for training session is was good ......

Nandha Gopal February 8, 2024

Firstly, from the showroom equipment walkthrough experience, Mr. Murugan from the store patiently explained their product offerings, payment options, and every little doubt that I had, and even demonstrated himself to ensure that I made a satisfactory purchase. Staff with whom I subsequently interacted, Mr. Arun who promptly showed up a few minutes after the delivery and installed the Treadmill(HT 55) and detailed everything about the machine and Mr. Nirmal(Trainer) clarified all my questions regarding the workout sessions, diet, and other related queries so I could achieve an optimal/desired fitness result. I'd surely recommend Propel Fitness to my peers and circle for their future purchases. Good work!

Sivasubramaniam S February 6, 2024

Rewriting my review, Fitness one responded by next day, Mr. Murugan promptly delivered and did installation. Also arranged for fitness trainer. Over all good experience and trust to go place. Equipment is also good. Will post about the equipment after 3 months review.

Vinayak B January 31, 2024

Nice showroom and good response with Mr. George and he was suggested me Ht 55 Treadmill and i purchased delivered and installation is perfectly good on to other brand quality was good pricing are friendly good response....strongly recommend.....and trainer Nirmal came at home for training was good.Thanks propel Adyar

Vishnu Suresh January 27, 2024

Showroom ambiance is good. And good responce with mr.Nirmal and George and I bought a HT 55 and hda66i equipment is was good delivery and installation is good on to other brand pricing was so friendly.. and trainer came at home for training session it was good...thanks propel Adyar.....

sangeetha Sangi January 27, 2024

Nice showroom good experience with Mr. Vignesh and good knowledge in fitness product and he was suggested me HT55 treadmill and I bought delivery and installation is on day.... Thanks mr. Vignesh..

Mattakai Kolaru January 25, 2024

Had a good overall experience with the propel team, Thanks

Prakash Sree January 23, 2024

I visited propel store the environment was good and staff were polite and answer all my queries i purchase ht 55 equipment and it good for my daily excercise thanks to propel.

Beauty and the Beast January 23, 2024

I bought a pt88i it was good for my family was good fitness knowledge person good responsibility person....thanks mr. Geroge ...

Ragul Asogan January 23, 2024

Appreciate the service from the staff they were polite and very responsive

Sivasankar Addepalli January 17, 2024

Good showroom. Mr. George explation is good and knowledge person in fitness equipment.. and I bought HT55 treadmill it was good for family member... Delivery and installation is good on time..... And training session it was worth for my weight loss... ...thanks propel Adyar.....

Sakthivel Sakthivel January 16, 2024

Excellent reception by the staff. Timely delivery and useful training sessions provided. Overall we are satisfied with the service and I would recommend this store for anyone looking for a fitness equipments.

Suresh Kumar Gandhi January 14, 2024

Very useful equipment and body fitness

Prasanna Smart January 12, 2024

I bought a HT55 treadmill last month iT was so good for daily workout...I'm using daily 1hour continuous .. and pricing type compare to other brand pricies are and installation is good on time.....and trainer came home from training session it was good for daily workouts...


Mr nijthan was very fine and showroom was quite good and Mr Satish trainer has helped very well and now we are easy to use HT 72i

srilatha p January 8, 2024

Nice showroom good responce with Mr. Vignesh and he was suggest me HT55 and I bought within that day itself done delivery and installation is done... And he was suggest me training session complentray it was very helpfull for me and my family member for daily workouts... Thanku Mr. Vignesh strongly Recommend....


I purchased a elipitical cross trainer hx69i from this valasaravakkam showroom it was awesome and then the installation was very fast and good . The trainer sathish is also very good and explain every exercise and gave full guide thank you propel fitness one🤍

Shanu Ameer January 5, 2024

We are so much thanks to fitness one gym equipments. It is very flexible and easy to handle.

Deepika G December 30, 2023

Showroom Ambiance is good. Mr. George suggested me HT 55 treadmill and I purchased .delivery and installation is on to other brand equipment cost is so friendly. And They gave a training session for complementary it is worth for daily routine workout...thanks George.. ...strongly recommend......

Nagaraj Nagaraj December 30, 2023

I bought a machine cx83i from propel adyar store. The machine is very good in performance so far And meet all our expectations... It has been a wonderful support from this propel equipment store right from the purchase to delivering the equipment to our home. Special thanks Mr George.. Explaining everything in details and letting us to choose the right model.. Compare to other brand pricing so friendly. And trainer came at home for training session it was helpfull for my whole family members... Thanks Nirmal.. Strongly recommend this propel adyar showroom..

Subramani T December 18, 2023

purchased HT 72i treadmill in recent times very much satisfied with the brand & product good place to buy domestic use equipment

Ashok Ashokkumar1992 December 18, 2023

best place to buy home use equipment from propel anna nagar bought cross trainer HX 69i product is really awesome and also price is really affordable they have decent range of equipments do visit propel anna nagar showroom near chinthamani signal I highly recommend this showroom

Latha D December 18, 2023

Recently visited the shop and purchased a Cross trainer. They explained about the product very well. The product was delivered on time and installation also done. After that a trainer visited home and gave some more training workouts & Tips. Had a very good experience.

PRAGADEESH KUMAR December 15, 2023

I bought trademill from this store excellent service and installation was done very soon thanks to Mr Vera was very helpful priority

Syed Asif December 14, 2023

I bought treadmill machine here . The prices was reasonable and also the customer service was amazing . Installation along with a demo was done on the next day of buying itself. A sathish trainer also came after installation to explain us the correct method of doing it.Thank you propel fitnessone

Dinesh Lal December 13, 2023

Good showroom equipment pricing are so friendly..nice response with and I bought a treadmill HT55 it was good and delivery and installation is on time....thanku propel adyar....

Mano Ground Realty December 9, 2023

Every thing is great. Trainer Nirmal was excellent in teaching various exercises and updating us with the treadmill features. George was also nice. Overall good experiences.

purbita jana November 28, 2023

Nice showroom. Good Ambiance with mr. George and he suggest me HT72i Treadmill it was good. AND delivered and install is perfectly good.. And demo trainer Nirmal came at home for training session it was good. Strngly recommend.

Mugha Mudi November 28, 2023

Nice range of treadmill available here in propel Adyar. Mr. George explained very well. And he suggested me treadmill and I bought a it was and installation is good...and Trainer Nirmal came at home for training session it was good.and he gave some personally diet plan for weight loss.

Ashwin Siva November 23, 2023

Mr. George suggest me cx83i and I bought that model..the prcng was so friendly... And delivery and installation is on time... And trainer who came at home it was good...

Gowtham .T November 22, 2023

The showroom ambiance is good.... I bought a HDA66i treadmill from valasarvakkam showroom.. delivery and installation is good on time....and trainer Mr.sathish came at home for training session it's good for me and my family membersThanku propel valasarvakkam showroom

ruthvi gopinath November 22, 2023

Purchased SM1.18 Multigym its was good for daily workout..... Delivery and Installation is perfectly good... And trainer Sathish came at home for training session he taught me exercise to fit my body. He is very patient and motivating Overall is good...

gopinath krishnan November 21, 2023

Very good and useful equipment. I have been regularly using it for over six months and watching tv while exercising in the comfort of home.

Shankar V (eShan) November 21, 2023

Bought a pt84i treadmill it was good for my weight... Delivery and installation is good on time.... And training session is good...thanks and Nirmal.....

Ranjith C November 19, 2023

We are happy to purchase the model hda63i cycle it is worth for money..And we got the realistic advice from the showroom and good responce with Showroom person Mr. George... Delivery and installation is perfectly good...and trainer Nirmal is very knowledgeable and courteous interaction we had both in store and their training provided at home for the exercise regime...keep it up..Thanks propel Adyar..

Sonia Papa November 16, 2023

Delivery installation has been done perfectly .satish trainer came to our house and explained very well about the equipment and gave nice training. Cx83i .we are satisfied 😌

Shazia Fathima November 16, 2023
Rajuram M November 14, 2023

Showroom ambiance is good. Nice responce with Mr. Vignesh and he was demonstrated all the product very well and i bought Ht55 Treadmill. Compare to other brand pricing was friendly. Delivery and installation is good on time.. And complimentary for training session its was good for my whole family members..Best place to buy fitness equipment very much satisfied strongly recommended... PROPEL VELACHERY fitness equipment. Thanks Mr. Vignesh and trainer Nirmal...

Kashthuri S November 12, 2023

Brought Treadmill recently and it's very good product n value for the money,compare to other brand it's very good quality with best price so I definitely recommend propel brand..

Varshini November 11, 2023

Best place to buy home use equipment Very much satisfied highly recommended showroom located in Anna nagar east Chinthamani signal

M Prasath November 11, 2023
Deepti shaji November 11, 2023
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