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Treadmill Store in Adyar

Treadmill Store in Adyar,  from FitnessOne is your right partner, because we are the best treadmill store in Adyar and we make sure we match the right equipment to your needs. Whoever be the user – the software programmer, the travelling salesperson, the finance whiz-kids or the hardworking housewife, all face different challenges to their physical and mental well-being. We bring our strength of knowledge of these nuances, and ensure that you select the right equipment from Treadmill Store in Adyar

Buy Treadmill, DC Motorized Best Treadmill for Home Use, Max User Weight 100 Kgs, 15 Preset Programs, Metal Reinforced 3 Level Manual Incline, Foldable, LCD Display, MP3, AUX Input, In-Built Speakers, Mobile, Bottle & Accessories Holder, Hydraulic Soft Drop Landing & Transportation Wheels [FREE Installation Assistance] for walking or running in limited space. Buy Treadmill, an effective cardiovascular exercise. Variable speed, gradient settings, and the ability to measure energy expended make a treadmill an essential component of your home gym. Usage of the Treadmill increases your VO2 Max (maximal oxygen consumption,) which is the maximum capacity of an individual’s body to transport and utilize oxygen during incremental exercise, which reflects the physical fitness of the individual.


Treadmills offer you the ability to control your walking elevations speed, and climate. A treadmill provides weight bearing exercise so it helps with bone density and osteoporosis prevention. Although running on a treadmill is high impact exercise, a quality treadmill may offer cushioning and shock absorption which will be easier on your joints than running on a harder surface outside.

Cross Trainer

The elliptical cross trainer is also known as the elliptical trainer or elliptical or X-trainer. A cross trainer is a great piece of equipment that helps in working out the whole body and the way it does.

Gym Accessories

Gym accessories which are a must buy such as Jump Ropes, swiss ball, yoga mat, dumbells depending upon the fitness level you wish to achieve.

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