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Based on 335 Reviews
Surya Kumar
July 11, 2024

Good response with showroom person and pricing are so cheap compare to other brands. Equipment quality is good.....

Sanjai A
June 27, 2024

Good communication with mr.George and he suggested me treadmill it was good for my user weight compare to other brands equipment quality and pricing are so good.. strongly recommend...

June 25, 2024

Good experience with Mr. George and Nirmal and both of them suggested me treadmill and I bought a HT55 treadmill it was good for my family member. Delivery and installation is good on time.. and trainer Nirmal came at home for training session it was helpfull for reducing my weight...strongly recommend...

Siddarth B
June 21, 2024

Nice response with showroom person and good knowledge person in fitness Mr.Nirmal came at home for training session for a day it was complimentary it was helpfull for beginners.,and I was purchased treadmill ht 55 it was good.. delivery and installation is good on time... Strongly recommend....

Santhosh Aasai
May 25, 2024

Nice showroom good response with Mr.Nirmal and he suggested me HT55 treadmill and I bought a treadmill it was good delivery and installation and training session Nirmal came at home for training session it was good for my whole family ..warmup floor workout it was helpful for my weight loss….Thanks Nirmal…

Excellent assistance by George.All equipments was of good quality.Trainer virmal came personally and assisted about the product and give us extra training about whole body workout.I Highly recommend propel fitnessone

April 8, 2024

Nice showroom equipment pricing are so cheap compare to other brand...and I bought HT55 treadmill it was good for my family support 100 kg user weight..... Delievery and installation is perfectly good...

Harini Jaganathan
April 1, 2024

The showroom's ambience was very good. Trainer taught me very clearly and answered all my questions patiently. I absolutely love this equipment... It's working very well... Installation process is also convenient. The training process enhanced my confidence and it was very useful.

Jayabal Ilavarasi
March 25, 2024

Mr. George was good knowledge person in sales man and fitness nice response in showroom person... And I bought treadmill it was good delivery and installation is good on time. ... And training session It was good for family ...

Praba Karan
March 24, 2024

Good showroom and nice responce with showroom person compate to other brand pricing and so friend.... Equipment quality and good...and I was purchased treadmill HT55 it was so good for daily and installation was good on time...thanks propel adyar strongly session it was helpfull for my family members...... Warmup floor workouts and stretches... Etc.......

gnana raja
February 29, 2024

Nice showroom and Mr. George suggest me Treadmill HT 55 it was good delivery and installation is on day itself.....and all the equipment pricing are so friendly ..Thanks propel Adyar...

Jothi Lingam
February 23, 2024

Nice product good communication with Mr. George suggest me treadmill HT55 it was good for daily family member workouts..

Elaiya Perumal
February 12, 2024

Nice showroom compare to other brand pricing are good...and I purchased HX69i I was good whole body weight loss machine delivery and installation is on the day....strongly recommend....

Vishnu Suresh
January 27, 2024

Nice showroom and good response with Mr. George and he was suggested me Ht 55 Treadmill and i purchased delivered and installation is perfectly good on to other brand quality was good pricing are friendly good response....strongly recommend.....and trainer Nirmal came at home for training was good.Thanks propel Adyar

Gautham Gautham
January 27, 2024

Showroom ambiance is good. And good responce with mr.Nirmal and George and I bought a HT 55 and hda66i equipment is was good delivery and installation is good on to other brand pricing was so friendly.. and trainer came at home for training session it was good...thanks propel Adyar.....

Beauty and the Beast
January 23, 2024

I visited propel store the environment was good and staff were polite and answer all my queries i purchase ht 55 equipment and it good for my daily excercise thanks to propel.

Ragul Asogan
January 23, 2024

I bought a pt88i it was good for my family was good fitness knowledge person good responsibility person....thanks mr. Geroge ...

Sakthivel Sakthivel
January 16, 2024

Good showroom. Mr. George explation is good and knowledge person in fitness equipment.. and I bought HT55 treadmill it was good for family member... Delivery and installation is good on time..... And training session it was worth for my weight loss... ...thanks propel Adyar.....

Suresh Kumar Gandhi
January 14, 2024

Excellent reception by the staff. Timely delivery and useful training sessions provided. Overall we are satisfied with the service and I would recommend this store for anyone looking for a fitness equipments.

I bought a HT55 treadmill last month iT was so good for daily workout...I'm using daily 1hour continuous .. and pricing type compare to other brand pricies are and installation is good on time.....and trainer came home from training session it was good for daily workouts...

Deepika G
December 30, 2023

We are so much thanks to fitness one gym equipments. It is very flexible and easy to handle.

Nagaraj Nagaraj
December 30, 2023

Showroom Ambiance is good. Mr. George suggested me HT 55 treadmill and I purchased .delivery and installation is on to other brand equipment cost is so friendly. And They gave a training session for complementary it is worth for daily routine workout...thanks George.. ...strongly recommend......

Subramani T
December 18, 2023

I bought a machine cx83i from propel adyar store. The machine is very good in performance so far And meet all our expectations... It has been a wonderful support from this propel equipment store right from the purchase to delivering the equipment to our home. Special thanks Mr George.. Explaining everything in details and letting us to choose the right model.. Compare to other brand pricing so friendly. And trainer came at home for training session it was helpfull for my whole family members... Thanks Nirmal.. Strongly recommend this propel adyar showroom..

December 15, 2023

Recently visited the shop and purchased a Cross trainer. They explained about the product very well. The product was delivered on time and installation also done. After that a trainer visited home and gave some more training workouts & Tips. Had a very good experience.

Mano Modern Spaces
December 9, 2023

Good showroom equipment pricing are so friendly..nice response with and I bought a treadmill HT55 it was good and delivery and installation is on time....thanku propel adyar....

purbita jana
November 28, 2023

Every thing is great. Trainer Nirmal was excellent in teaching various exercises and updating us with the treadmill features. George was also nice. Overall good experiences.

Mugha Mudi
November 28, 2023

Nice showroom. Good Ambiance with mr. George and he suggest me HT72i Treadmill it was good. AND delivered and install is perfectly good.. And demo trainer Nirmal came at home for training session it was good. Strngly recommend.

Ashwin Siva
November 23, 2023

Nice range of treadmill available here in propel Adyar. Mr. George explained very well. And he suggested me treadmill and I bought a it was and installation is good...and Trainer Nirmal came at home for training session it was good.and he gave some personally diet plan for weight loss.

Gowtham .T
November 22, 2023

Mr. George suggest me cx83i and I bought that model..the prcng was so friendly... And delivery and installation is on time... And trainer who came at home it was good...

Ranjith C
November 19, 2023

Bought a pt84i treadmill it was good for my weight... Delivery and installation is good on time.... And training session is good...thanks and Nirmal.....

Rakshitha Rakshitha
November 9, 2023

Good showroom nice responce with Mr. George and he was suggested me HT 55 and I bought that was so good...and pricing was so friendly.. delivery and installation is good on time....... Strongly recommend.....

Priya Kumar
October 29, 2023

Mr.George explained very well all the equipment and he was suggested me HT 55 Treadmill and I was purchased HT55 Treadmill last was good for daily workout..and trainer Came at home Mr. Nirmal explained about the treadmill and he teach me how to use the equipment..also he teach some floor workout for reduce my was good....Thanks Nirmal...

gouthaman kothandaraman
October 12, 2023

Shop is very nice. They have all equipments and service was excellent.The trainer nirmal has good knowledge about fitness.

Shobitha S
October 10, 2023

Excellent service and training provided by propel dealer George and trainer Nirmal. I would definitely recommend this service to my family and friends.

Saravanan Ramakrishnan
October 8, 2023

I have bought Propel treadmill, i got immediate delivery and installation, staffs are very kind they explained very well & the trainer also teach us some exercise. Good team.

Karthik Prabhu
October 6, 2023

Purchased home gym here. Very satisfied with the product. Delivery and installation was done as promised. Received a training session on how to operate as well. Overall very happy and would definitely recommend others to buy. Thank you.

September 25, 2023

Nice product..good responce...

September 18, 2023

Showroom ambiance is good Mr George sussgest me ht55 it was good for family member.. delivery and installation is good ...and trainer Nirmal came at home for training session is good...Thanks mr George..

Manikandan R
September 17, 2023

It was immense pleasure buying the treadmill here. Mr. George was polite enough to explain the product and it’s operations. Installation was very smooth by the tech guy. Mr. Nirmal trainer personally visited and explained in detail and it was very useful. All the best team

K.V. Ramani
September 14, 2023

Mr George was incredibly helpful in guiding and assisting us with the purchase of a cross trainer. Mr Nirmal was very clear and helpful in training us on how to use the equipment. The cross trainer is of good quality and we are very happy with the purchase and support.

Mounica M
September 14, 2023

Showroom ambiance is good...bought a Cx81i cross trainer it was so good for weight loss workout.... And trainer Normal came at home for training session it was helpfull for daily routine workout....Thanks Nirmal.....

Hari Hari
September 14, 2023

Nice showroom.. I bought a Treadmill HT55 pricing is so friendly.. Showroom ambiance is good.. Training session is good..

Sho Geetha
September 10, 2023

Awesome experience with both showroom as well as trainer, we would like to give spl mention for Mr Nirmal Kumar (trainer), also like to have a long term healthy relationship with these guys

August 27, 2023

I have bought propel Exercise bike in Adyar branch, the sale's person was explained clearly and delivered the product Soon. Then they came for fixing and trainer explain and teach some exercises.Good experience here.

suresh sam
August 26, 2023

Fitness one trainer(Mr.Nirmal Kumar) was so polite and helpful. He explained everything clearly. Though we hesitated initially, he opened up and cleared all our doubts. The overall experience was excellent and we are highly satisfied with the trainer. We keep recommending fitness one to our known resources.

Joe Antony
August 26, 2023

The showroom has good amount of equipments, we purchased a workout bike, the quality of the equipment is good.

August 20, 2023

I bought the hu66i cycle and pt88i treadmill at propel Adayar shop.The delivery , Installation and subsequent training by the trainer are extraordinary..Most satisfying event for me..My thanks to George and Nirmal for the the good service..

Sri Mahalakshmi
August 19, 2023

Nice showroom.good equipment.

Ellammal Rajan
August 15, 2023

Nice Showroom and good trainer

August 10, 2023

Nice model Ht55 For daily workout...good delivery and installation..and training support is good..

Poornima Ap
August 4, 2023

Nice showroom & good trainer.

Varun Bhasker
July 23, 2023

The stores ambience is pretty good . Good prices for the equipments . I have brought a threadmill and multi gym sm1.18 which is very useful. I recommend this store . Instalation was done quickly and the product was delivered on time . You also get a free training session on the machine u bought . Overall a great experience and is very much recommended to buy gym equipments

Ajil Ajai
July 16, 2023

Good store to buy fitness equipment, nirmal help me lot with weight loss guidance and choose equipment

Appu Mass
July 16, 2023

Nice model hda63i nice showroom ambiance good response from the showroom manager. ..and training session is good on time...

vivek srinivasan
July 14, 2023

It's a good experience with them... Good services, great products, Appreciated for all the gym equipments...

July 13, 2023

Nice experience. Staffs detailed all the equipments to our satisfaction and suggested best equipment based on our requirement. Delivery and installation were smooth without any issues. Fitness trainer inputs were good and detailed. Would recommend.

Bhakya Raj
July 10, 2023

I was purchased Ht55 treadmill the equipment was good for family member...Delivery and installation is on time.....and trainer came at home for training session it's good for daily workouts...for reduce weight loss ..

Ramji Sharma
July 9, 2023

Good services nice response from the showroom person....thanks and the training session is good...

Good trainer

Yogendra Nepali
June 30, 2023

Showroom ambiance is good... Good service and training session is good..thanks Nirmal and George.

sudip kumar mitra
June 29, 2023

Excellent response in all aspects.....really knows how to take care of customers....

Bruce Lee
June 29, 2023

Bought a HX 69i cross trainer it ws good for daily and installation is good on time...Thnks and person cll me for training session it's worth to do daily workouts.........Thanks propel Adyar strongly Recommend.....

Sathish Mani
June 16, 2023

Excellent training session from Nirmal after installation. George at showroom explained in detail in devices and offered best price. Got best deal on cross trainer model CX 83i

Aishu Kannan
June 9, 2023

Place was nice. The personnel were friendly. The trainer who came for demo was also really helpful and cordial.

Nisha Ragel
June 8, 2023

We purchased elliptical machine from adyar showroom. Fast delivery and fast installation . The trainer Nirmal Kumar was explained well and gave full instructions about the product. Best trainer

tmsini vasan
May 20, 2023

I bought a treadmill ht 55 the equipment is good.... Good delivery and installation.... And the training session is good on time....

Suman Sharma
May 14, 2023

Good services and the training session is good...thanku propel fitness..

May 7, 2023

Nice experience visiting the Adyar show room. Mr George was supportive. Bought HT55 treadmill. Prompt delivery and installation. Fitness trainer Nirmal explained the exercise process neatly

I bought a 2 machine from adyar store Treadmill HT55 and multigym. S. m. 1.18.. it was very good for daily workouts... delivery and installation is proper on time... and training session is good.... Thanku propel...

Subhash j v
April 13, 2023

Excellent shopping experience with store. Mr George was very helpful in equipment selection and delivery. Good home training provided by Mr. Nirmal.

April 2, 2023

Good services nice responce...thanku propel Adyar....

Ramesh Sreedhar
April 2, 2023

Excellent customer service. Wonderful trainer- Nirmal. Please ask for his inputs before starting your journey towards fitness

Madhan Raj
April 2, 2023

I recently purchased HU66i from this branch , it was great to workout with it , the installation was done promptly and the exercise demo provided by Nirmal was excellent and met my expectations and also provided a diet recommendations. Good shopping exercise bikes with them .

Sanjay Nishad
March 26, 2023

i bought a cx83i efx it was very good for daily routine and installation is good on time...and Trainer Nirmal came at home for training session its worth for daily workouts.....thanku sir.......strongly recommend This store......propel adyar...

Vasudevan S
March 21, 2023

Good responce in the showroom delivery and installation is good on time....and good training session is good... Thanks Mr.feorge...

then ravi
March 21, 2023

I bought a equipment PDA81 is an excellent work our machine for all and installation was done on the same Day which was useful for me to begin my weight loss journey as soon as possible.....Mr.Nirmal senior fit ess consultant was kind enough to guide me about the work out and diet to be followed

Kargil Krothapalli
March 18, 2023

I bought a HR66i cycle it was very good for daily and installation is good.....and trainer Mr. Nirmal came at home how to use the equipment and taught me exercise to fasten weight loss.he is very patient and motivating and makes it seem like weight loss is not so difficult after all ..Thanks for him to conduct s training for me and my family.....

sathya raju
March 14, 2023

Good service and I was purchased treadmill HT55 its was very for home based equipment...and the training session it was very good....thanks MR. George... strongly recommend.......

March 10, 2023

I bought a PT81i equipment its good for weight and installation is good. And trainer Mr. Nirmal came at home for training session and he said some warmup and floor workout, Thanku propel adyar.....

Mattakai Kolaru
March 9, 2023

Purchased HT55 treadmill it's very good for aged people walking.....good service delivery and installation is good...and training session it's good Thanku propel adyar recommend.........Thanku....

February 10, 2023

good showroom delivery and installation is good...and training session good.....Thanku George

Saturdhan Sahani
February 5, 2023

I purchased cx83i the equipment was good for family member and installation is good....and Trainer Mr. Nirmal came at home for training session it's good for daily workouts to reduce the body weights....thanks propel Adyar .....

Sathish Sathish
February 3, 2023

Showroom ambiance is good..good service and good supported....purchased HT55 Treadmill delivery and installed is good...and training support is good.Thanku propel adyar...

pintu kumar
January 29, 2023

Good services and good Responce delivery and installation is good thanku propel Adyar...and trainer Mr.Nirmal came at home it's worth for warmup and floor workout ......strongly recommend....

Manikandan S
January 28, 2023

Nice showroom friendly type Mr. George.....He suggest me Treadmill PT84i&Cx83 it's nice for home and installation is good on time.......and he support me for training session complentary warmup floor workout to reduce my tummy......Strongly recommend...Thanku propel Adyar......Good services.

Sulaiman lakra
January 22, 2023

Equipment quality is good and I purchased HR66i requirment bike delivery and installation is on time perfectly....and trainer came at home for training session it's good for my whole family members.....thanku propel Adyar......strongly recommend...

Ayyappan Murugan
January 21, 2023

The showroom ambiance is good..Mr george suggest me for EFX and I bought a cx83i the equipment is good for home and installtion is good on time... and the training session its good..Thanku propel adyar...

Dwaraknath Bakshi
January 20, 2023

Very friendly staff. I love the treadmill so far . The trainers were excellent and the staff who installed were very cordial. This is an early review based on first impression. Will add more once I use further

S Gokul
January 9, 2023

Everything is good. Installation and equipment assemble are too friendly.

Vishnu Prakash
January 8, 2023

I Was looking for a treadmill and visited fitnessone in adyar the demonstration was done in a very professional manner bought a HT55. Delivery and installation was on time. Training by Nirmal was also good. Very pleased with the purchase. Thank u propel.

Ramkumar Sivaraman
January 7, 2023

Purchasrd a treadmill (HT 55) recently. Good shopping experience and very good installation and guidance from sales people. Trainer came to home for one hour complementary training session. Overall good experience.

vanitha anandan
January 7, 2023

Purchased PT82i at Adyar showroom. Showroom ambiance is and Installation is on time....and trainer Mr. Nirmal came at home for training session... is good for my family member....strongly recommended...Thanku propel Adyar...

January 3, 2023

The Installation of the propel treadmill was done properly. The Showroom was very nice and Nirmal sir has explained about the equipment and the basic exercises very clearly.

Venki M
December 22, 2022

Purchased HT55 treadmill at Velachery. Nirmal explained about the product very clearly and how ho use the product. As promised they delivered the product on the same day. Trainer Nirmal gave the excellent training session and it was very very useful for us. He clarified all the doubts which we asked in clear and polite manner.

Sai Karthik
December 19, 2022

HT 73i is an user friendly machine for every household. Trainer Nirmal though some fabulous exercise for weight loss

Bhavani Sridhar
October 17, 2022

I purchased HT55 machine two week before the machine is very good And the sales person George propel fitness one shop explained clearly about the was on time really happy with the experience. And Mr. Nirmal Trainer came to my home, He explained very well about fitness... Overall good start for fitness related goals. And I strongly recommend propel fitness one and it's worth for the money... Thanku propel Adyar.

Kasthuri Kasthuri
August 25, 2021

I bought a Treadmill model number Ht55 2 weeks back from propel Indira Nagar Adyar Branch Wonderful experience very friendly Approach By Mr. Nirmal. He himself came after installation and gave training warm-up stretch basic floor workout etc. He is very patient and motivating and makes it seems like weight loss is not so difficult after all.Thanku Nirmal......Strongly recommended.

Kashthuri S
December 5, 2020

Good store in Adyar and I have purchased cross trainer model cx is excellent.Equipment is so good and steady and more comfortable to do my workout. The price is worth,Good customer services packaging and installation is was an fantastic experience with the trainer Mr Nirmal explained very well. Thanks propel..

Jamuna Laxmi
September 21, 2020

The shop is very nice and clean and good infrastructure the person Mr Nirmal who is attend is very pleasant and clearly explained about the treadmill PT81i the treadmill is very comfortable to use it is very effective the training session given by Nirmal... I wish you all the best..strongly recommend

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