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Based on 240 Reviews
Tara Chand
February 12, 2024

Nice showroom having a lot of treadmill models. And good response with mr. Nijanthan and he suggest me HT55 treadmill and I purchased delivery and Installation is on the day.....and trainer came at home for training session it was helpfull.....

John Peter
February 10, 2024

I bought a cx93i machine it was good apartment and installation is good on time and nice response with Mr. Murgan. And trainer came for training session it was helpful...

Sivasubramaniam S
February 6, 2024

Firstly, from the showroom equipment walkthrough experience, Mr. Murugan from the store patiently explained their product offerings, payment options, and every little doubt that I had, and even demonstrated himself to ensure that I made a satisfactory purchase. Staff with whom I subsequently interacted, Mr. Arun who promptly showed up a few minutes after the delivery and installed the Treadmill(HT 55) and detailed everything about the machine and Mr. Nirmal(Trainer) clarified all my questions regarding the workout sessions, diet, and other related queries so I could achieve an optimal/desired fitness result. I'd surely recommend Propel Fitness to my peers and circle for their future purchases. Good work!

Prakash Sree
January 23, 2024

Had a good overall experience with the propel team, Thanks

srilatha p
January 8, 2024

Mr nijthan was very fine and showroom was quite good and Mr Satish trainer has helped very well and now we are easy to use HT 72i

gopinath krishnan
November 21, 2023

Purchased SM1.18 Multigym its was good for daily workout..... Delivery and Installation is perfectly good... And trainer Sathish came at home for training session he taught me exercise to fit my body. He is very patient and motivating Overall is good...

Shazia Fathima
November 16, 2023

Delivery installation has been done perfectly .satish trainer came to our house and explained very well about the equipment and gave nice training. Cx83i .we are satisfied 😌

Dr. Sheshasaayee JG
October 26, 2023

I bought a dual action recumbent bike PDA 81 from Propel Fitness One, Nungambakkam showroom. The showroom manager Mr. Nijanthan was highly professional and explained what best suits me based on my age and physical condition. The delivery and assembling was quick and was done by two different teams. Mr. Nirmal, a professional gym trainer, trained me well. He explained the various warmup exercises along with its importance. He also trained me on how to use the bike. Further, he taught me the muscle strengthening exercises. The product and service is awesome.

Radha Radha
October 15, 2023

Showroom Ambiance is So Good..And I purchased Hda63i bike last week.The way Nijanthan explained was good and Nice. Delivery and installation was on day...And Trainer Nirmal came after the installation and gave training on how to use the equipment and taught me exercise to fasten weight loss..Thanku propel Nungambakkam.... Strongly Recommended ....

Anupama V
September 25, 2023

Purchased treadmill Pt 84 i 3 years before at the Nungambakkam showroom. Clive did a good job explaining the various options. Satish gave a very good training. Got elliptical HX 69i here recently. Nijanthan helped us purchase the right equipment. Nirmal Kumar came for training and gave good amount of time in teaching warmup , stretches, HIIT and cooling down techniques. Overall excellent service from fitness one team.

Doc of All Times
September 24, 2023

Good in all aspects. Was satisfied with the product, the installation and the trainer instructions. Thank you.

Bruce Lee
September 24, 2023

The shop has good range of the equipment.hPy with my purchase my order got delivered on time and their team were on time to install my ht55 treadmill.. I strongly recommend propel and it worth for money... and the trainer came at home for training session it was home for my whole family....

September 18, 2023

Showroom ambiance is good Mr Nijamthan suggest me ht 55 treadmill it was nice equipment for home based.....and delivery and installation is good on time...and trainer Nirmal came at home for training session it was good.....Thanks Nijamthan....strongly recommend....

Gnanamurthy Karanchery
September 14, 2023

Showroom was clean and spacious. Display was superb. Mr. Nijandhan explained all equipments well and illustrated. Delivered and installed on schedule. Trainer Mr.Nirmal gave all useful information and satisfied us.

Bhuvana E
August 28, 2023

Awesome experience..explained well abt equipment good support of installation n trainer explained everything n cleared all my doubts douddoubts.overall nice experience all nice experience

Venkatesh Sethu
August 23, 2023

Purchase: Good.. Explained well about treadmill and other equipment Super. Installation: Good Install good and explained about propel treadmill well at correct time. Training: Excellent Training instructions given excellent and explainedsuper about treadmill..

Syed Sameer
August 13, 2023

It’s really good for home use

A very professional and satisfied service from Showroom sales, installation and training.

Neha Sahu Vardhan
July 17, 2023

Showroom person Nijanthan is good knowledge he suggest me treadmill HT73i ...Everything is good...i.e delivery and installation...and training session is good..

Prakash Jp
July 16, 2023

Propel fitness one is very good customer service and showroom is very nice good and clean exspecially Mr.Nijanthan is cooperated well and time to time equipment deliver and Me.Nirmal has been coaching is very nice and they trained me at home as good…

Appu Mass
July 16, 2023

Nice product hx69i delivery and installation is good on time...and training is good...strongly recommended. ...

July 11, 2023

The sponge equipment starts falling apart one by one.

Overall everything is fine. Very good experience

June 18, 2023

3 weeks ago NEW Purchased Hdt 73i machine its was good for daily workout..... Delivery and Installation is perfectly good... Friendly talk to Bala ji & trainer Nirmal came at home for training session he taught me exercise to fasten weight loss. He is very patient and motivating and makes its seem like weight loss is not so difficult after all. Overall is good..

kavitha ganesan
June 10, 2023

I bought propel HDA 63i. The delivery and installation was prompt. The proprietor sir helped in choosing the appropriate equipment for me. Fitness trainer Mr Nirmal Kumar taught me the exercises in an excellent manner and in an easily understandable way. He also motivated me to do the exercises regularly. Thanks sir.

Karthik D
June 10, 2023

I purchased this equipment in Nungambakkam showroom and Nijanthan attended us, he was very polite and friendly in explaining the products. Delivery and installation was on time the next day and in addition they sent a Trainer named Nirmal who cam all the way to train us on how to use, explained do's and don'ts and gave tips on warmups floor exercise as well, overall I'm very satisfied

I bought s.m.1.18 at Nungambakkam showroom it was so good for daily workout strengthening my body... delivery and installation is good on time....and training session Mr Nirmal came at home for training was helpfull for me...Thanks PROPEL fitness..strongly recommend.....

Purchased HR66i machine its was good for daily workout..... Delivery and Installation is perfectly good... And trainer Nirmal came at home for training session he taught me exercise to fasten weight loss. He is very patient and motivating and makes its seem like weight loss is not so difficult after all. Overall is good...

Jayasurya Jayasurya
April 20, 2023

I bought a treadmill Ht55 the equipment is and installation is on time. Thanks to Nijanthan support for training session..its good for reducing my weight....Thanku propel nunagakkam.

April 17, 2023

Purchasing and installation was satisfying. The store offered good offers on the products. The treadmill PT-88i is a solid treadmill for home use. The trainer they provided was helpful to us.

Abinaya Arasu
April 2, 2023

Recently I bought HT-55 treadmill for home use. I bought this for my mother and she liked it very much. Mr. Nijanthan explained us very patiently and addressed all our questions politely. The delivery and installation was really great and super fast. Mr. Nirmal, the trainer, visited our home and explained all the details about the treadmill. He assisted all our family members and gave us tips on diet and losing weight. He also cleared all our doubts and guided us in warm up, floor exercises, abs workout stretches etc.

Nìŕmął Ram
March 30, 2023

Equipment’s are awesome nice place to workout ✌🏻

Srinivasan Palamalai
March 26, 2023

We bought HT 55 from fitness one Nungambakkam. Sales, delivery, demo and fitness advice are very good. Thanks to Nijanthan supported sales and Nirmal came for fitness training session

March 23, 2023

I bought a treadmill for home based Ht72i it was very good for my and Installation is good on time...and training session is good on time...Thanks Nirmal....

Sini Udhayakumar
March 23, 2023

I Brough propel HT 55 from nugambakkam branch. The showroom instructor gave clear instructions about the equipment. Very satisfied with the equipment. Delivery was made the next day itself. Later Mr. Nirmal the trainer visited our house and gave full instructions abt how to use the machine and gave Warm up instructions. And diet instructions also. Very happy with the product. And good service given by propel fitness Nugambakkam. Branch.

Ganapathy Poornima
March 19, 2023

I recently bought PT84i through their Nungambakkam branch. It was a great experience Mr Nijinthan explained to us patiently about PT84i. The delivery was done the next day. Installation was done on the same day by Mr Mahim. On the following day the trainer, Mr Nirmal came to our house and gave a detailed explanation of the workouts that need to be done before and after using the Treadmill. Kudos to the entire team. Overall I had a great experience.

March 19, 2023

I tried to buy a good treadmill and collected detail about that from nungabakkam FitnessOne centre. The details explained by Nijantha. He promised all kind of services and warranty related anything can resolve immediately with good quality. Then I google it this propel brand and I got very good result. So I booked at the spot in nungambakkan office. Item delivered and installed on next day itself and arranged warm up person named Nirmal. He thought very well about warm up before and after treadmill work out. I am very much satisfied to bought this product in FitnessOne.

Parameswar Badripati
March 18, 2023

I bought CX83i cross trainer, really happy with the machine which is non electric, means Green, and fully satisfied with Nirmal's help to educate us on how to start exercising, which is extremely important. Very happy with his service.

Syed Ali
March 7, 2023

Attend patiently and clarified all the doubts thank you Mr.Clive and installation person also good and training person gave lot of tips not only about treadmill also daily workouts dietplan etc…satisfied👍

Kodiswari 2766_17
February 10, 2023

Showroom ambiance is good. And I purchased efx cross trainer cx81i the equipment is so good for my family members.. delivery and installation is so good on time……Mr Nirmal came at home for traning session it’s worth for daily routine workout for weight loss. Thanku propel Nungambakkam…..

karthikeyan paramasivam
February 4, 2023

We have got propel product efx from Nungambakkam showroom.have got nice service from the showroom.installation was done perfectly on the same day .equipment is of very good quality and nice for a regular work out.Trainer Nirmal has visited our house and given us a detailed walkthrough on basic workouts ,how to use the equipment and thumbel exercises.he has very good knowledge on exercises. Thanks

Senthil Kumaran Palani
January 24, 2023

Showroom was nice. Nicely demonstrated by all. Training session was great and explained in detail about the equipment and general fitness and diet. Overall experience was excellent purchasing the machine.

kiruthika E
January 17, 2023

We have recently visited FitnessOne gym equipment store for purchasing EFX and Treadmill. We were invited cordially and Mr.Nijinthan addressed all our queries, had more knowledge on all the equipments and shared the Pros & Cons for each and suggested us what to be used for our body type. We spent around an hour in the center and checked on various equipments. We bought HT-55 Propel Treadmill and got it delivered the next day. The installation was completed the same day. Mr.Nirmal was assigned our trainer and he shared the workout details in brief. He had excellent knowledge on all the types of workouts needed for weight loss. The overall experience was excellent and would recommend others.

Bharathwaj Elango
January 17, 2023

I visited fitness one gym equipment on December 2022 to purchase a cardio equipment ( EFX/TREADMILL) . With the help of Mr. Nijanthan we were able to finalize treadmill propel HT55. He has good knowledge in the field. The delivery was done the next day we booked and we were able to use the equipment on the same day. Mr Nirmal visited us for general instructions and training the next week, his knowledge and training skills are at best.

Uma Maheswari
January 9, 2023

HT 72i treadmill Equipment was really good for long term use. Usage instructions was well provided. Trainer review was excellent.

Aksha Tips
December 24, 2022

Good service Training also good

Jai R
December 10, 2022

Had a pleasant experience purchasing an elliptical cross trainer. The sales person was helpful and I got a good deal for my old treadmill. Mr Clive was helpful in closing the sale and the fitness trainer Mr Nirmal came home for giving tips on using the machine. The equipment is also easy to use and reasonably priced compared to other brands.

manzoor mohamed
December 8, 2022

Mr.Nijanthan is good salesman,bought HT55 Nungambakkam showroom, delivery equipment is good. Mr Nirmal trainer came at home and is good for family members.

Uthaya Prakash
December 3, 2022

Recently purchased a HT55. its a good products. Daily easy to do my work out its pretty good. And the training section also well an good.

Jamuna Laxmi
November 26, 2022

Cx81i cross trainer is very good for whole body weight loss and installation is good....and mr Nirmal came at home for training session for basic floor workout and ABs workout to reduce the tummy..,thanku propel fitness..

balaji Jee
November 19, 2022

I purchased ht55 treadmill at Nungambakkam it's was very good for family members to use tha daily workouts... delivery and installation is done on same day itself....And Trainer came at home for training session it's was very usefull for my whole family member and he gave diet tipes to reduce the weight loss...Thanku Fitnessone propel Nungambakkam....

Amreen Banu
November 19, 2022

I purchased a treadmill at Nungambakkam Ht55 treadmill In EMI Bajaj mall it was very easy to process the Emi....and delivery installation is good on time....Mr.Nirmal Trainer came at for training session it was very useful for me and my family members to reduce the weight...Thanku propel fitnessone Nungambakkam...strongly recommended......

Suresh Perumal S
November 10, 2022

The elliptical machine purchased in propel fitness Nungambakkam was good and service and installation they have done in a timely manner. Also they have provided the trainer as well it is awesome. Thankyou so much for your service.

Keerthana Rajasekaran
October 28, 2022

The attendant in the showroom was very kind. They delivered the equipment immediately after ordering and assembled it in the same day. A trainer "Nirmal" came to explain about the equipment and also to explain about some exercises.

Santha Kumar
October 15, 2022

I recently bought a cross trainer from here and it is really good. The manager at the store clearly explained the features and he ensured that the delivery and installation is done within a day. Further, Nirmal (physical trainer) visited and explained various aspects of using the Cross trainer and the related physical exercises. It was a good 360 degrees experience with Propel Fitness Nungambakkam Centre

Bharathi D
October 12, 2022

We feel good and satisfactory about the Salesperson, Delivery installation and Trainer in Propel Fitness.

September 10, 2022

Sathis trainer from propel fitness Nungambakkam gave their training session and installation of treadmill HT72i with good demo and care,Thanks to propel fitness one

patibandla nikhita
September 2, 2022

good service given by showroom staff and the equipment model HT 73i is very much satisfying .. trainer also explained very well about how to use the equipment and which diet need to be taken.thank you for the good service. I will strongly recommended to my friends.

dhivya ramanathan
August 12, 2022

I bought a CX 81i model elliptical from the Nungambakkam branch. Mr. Clive was very helpful in choosing our exercise machine. Mr. Sathish, the trainer, visited us at our home and explained all the details. He assisted me in operating the machine. He also gave us tips on diet and losing weight. He cleared all my doubts and helped me in starting my workout sessions with ease.

Shreen Buhari
August 12, 2022

I purchased propel cx 81i from nungambakkam branch. Delivery was on time as they told. And trainer Nirmal visited home to describe about the machine also he taught about floor exercise and guided in proper way.

Austin P
August 10, 2022
Anurag Polavarapu
July 26, 2022

This is the best place for purchasing exercise equipment for home use . Mr Clive Palman is very knowledgeable , helpful and a strict professional when it comes to his work and he delivers his promises. Had a minor hiccup with the delivery people and Mr Clive took care of it promptly. Also great Value for money. Nice durable equipment. I got a tredmil 88i with cushioning for a very reasonable price and mr Clive delivered it to Guntur ( Andhra Pradesh ) as well . Can’t beat this price in my state .

Very good place to buy fitness equipment. The service was excellent, with the very helpful store manager Mr. Clive providing clear details and excellent guidance with the pros and cons of the various options available. Was given a decent discount too. Delivery of the item was done promptly as well. Overall, quite a pleasant experience.

angmadam k
July 12, 2022

So friendly service. Totally satisfied. Recommended for everyone. Brother Clive is very attentive and caring. All the way from entering into showroom to delivery, installation, trainer visit, guiding through phone calls, sending assistance when needed without hesitation to answering service calls felt comfortable and trusted. Trainer Nirmal too was so contributive to everything mentioned above. Thank you Propel, Nungambakkam.

Prabha Blessy
June 23, 2022
Meera Selvam
June 18, 2022

We bought an elliptical from this shop….it is budget friendly and worth..…Mr. Clive bro, was so kind and helpful….he explained so well about all kind of cardio machines and helped us to choose the best..

June 17, 2022

Had Good Showroom experience for Purchasing Treadmill and bought HT55 model. I thank Mr. Balaji for his knowledgeable guidance. Delivery was done in a day, but Installation was delayed by 2 days(Reason for 4 stars instead of 5).

Last week I'll visit your showroom and book HT55sales person Balaji proper demo and explain about product with good care manner

CRAZY Paiyaa
June 13, 2022

I recently purchased PT83i @ Nungambakkam in like the way Balaji promoted about thae product which made me purchased immediately and finally the delivery and installation also done by proper manner

Sandevan Nandhu
March 27, 2022
December 20, 2021

Fabulous fitness store....guys are more informative, bought pt88i...execution and training session is great from clive palman and Ashok..I wish to recommend with my close pals...

I suggest every one who want to purchase fitness equipment can pls visit propel fitness store Nungambakkam .I purchased HDA63i dual action bike from propel fitness store they delivered it next day then Trainer Mr.Ashok came to our home to explain about product and gave us a training and diet plans to loss weight.Thanks to propel team ..

Sathish Kumar
October 12, 2021

I purchased Cx81i from propel fitness ...Mr.clive approach me very good explanation that make me to buy the product after that Mr.Ashok (Trainer) gave us a training and diet to weight loss ot was very helpful..Thanks to propel nungambakkam team .....

Kalai i
October 12, 2021

Hi I'm kalai from West mambalam I purchased ht55 treadmill from propel fitness Nungambakkam store it was efficient to use after two days Mr. Ashok came to our place and guide us about diet and training to loss weight and to be fit thanks to propel team ...

Mujibur Rahman R (Muji)
October 11, 2021

Thanks to propel fitness team , Mr Ashok guided us and instructed us on the diet plan and work outs... Demo and training was usefull for us,,, thanks to propel team. Thank you very much

Mohan Kumar
October 11, 2021

Thanks to propel fitness team , Mr Ashok guided us and instructed us on the diet plan and work outs... Demo and training was usefull for us,,, thanks to propel team

Nanda Kumar
October 10, 2021

I visited propel nungambakkam store Mr.Ashok approached me and explain very well about treadmill so that I purchase PT88i after that Mr.Ashok came to my home and gave us a diet and training to my family it was very helpful thanks to propel team.

M Pandiyaraj
October 10, 2021

Mr.Clive explained me about a product very good explanation by Clive so that we purchased Ht72i from propel Nungambakkam product was very good and deliver the equipment ontime after that Mr.Ashok came to our place to give a demo on product and also he guide us about a diet consultation to weight loss and gave training to my family ...Thanks to Nungambakkam team.

Pravin Mani
October 9, 2021

Thanks to propel fitness team , Mr Ashok guided us and instructed us on the diet plan and work outs ....very usefull ... Equipment are fantastic 👍 big thanks to propel team

Kiran Jayavanth
October 6, 2021

Customer and cost friendly

Sandhiya DuraiRaj
September 20, 2021

We purchased cross trainer cx83i from propel fitness and trainer ashok came to our house to explain about product and finally he gave us a diet plan and training I suggested to buy from propel fitness Nungambakkam

Pavithra Sree
September 17, 2021

We purchased cross trainer cx83i from fitnessone (propel fitness) it was good and Mr Ashok came to our house to explain about product and finally he gave us a diet plan and training session to weight loss... Thank you propel team.

Inian Rajaram
September 15, 2021

We purchased treadmill ht 72 I from prople fitness Nungambakkam . The person in showroom was really helpful .they delivered the equipment on-time and installation also on asame day ..then TRAINER ASHOK visited our place and explained about diet plan and weight loss and trained about the equipment.. I strongly request to visit and purchase products .

Dinesh Kumar
September 14, 2021

I purchased treadmill Ht72i from propel fitness they delivered equipment on time and installation also on same day after that trainer Mr.Ashok came to our home and explained about diet plan to weight loss and trained us how to use the product..Thanks to propel team. We satisfied fully ....

Gayathri Arun
September 7, 2021

Very kind approch by Ashok at the showroom. I strongly request to buy from here..

August 11, 2021

Sathish,fitness trainer has given training session on newly brought propel treadmill patiently and clearly. Good work.

Santhosh K
June 17, 2021
Renuga S
April 26, 2021

I'm from sheony Nagar I have purchased a treadmill HT73i at propel fitness Nungambakkam .Mr Ashok promoted about the equipment which made me to purchase immediately and also he gave us a diet plan for weight loss.. Thanks to Propel Nungambakkam team

vicky chella nivas
April 24, 2021

I recently purchased a treadmill PT 84I @ propel fitness Nungambakkam. Only because of the store staff Mr.Ashok Kumar. I liked the way he promoted about the product which made me purchased immediately. And finally the delivery and installation also done by proper manner. Thanks Vignesh.B

Excellent customer service. They were able to explain and guide us on equipment purchase in the store. Bike got delivered/installed at the comitted time. Satish (trainer) came home and provided good recommendation on diet, exercise regimen including pre and post workouts. Would recommend.

Iqbal Iqbal
April 5, 2021

Sathish trainer come to my home and explained pre work out and post work very useful information share with me so thanks propel fitness HX69i

Balamurugan D
April 1, 2021

Very nice equipment s

Pushpa Kumaran
March 23, 2021

I bought a equipment from Nungambakkam show room,they provided complimentary training program by Rajasekhar. I had severe neck pain and sholder pain they helped me with exercise for that .

March 23, 2021

Mr. Satish Trainer came to my home and elaborately gave instructions regarding pre and post exercise which is more valuable. Thanks for your visit. HX 79 I

Jayanthi balakumar
March 22, 2021
Siddiq Ahmed
February 5, 2021

Purchased cross-trainer from Propel Fitness, they itself arranged a Trainer named 'Sathish' to come home and teach us on how to use the Cross-Trainer and explain a workout plan for weight-loss. Thanks to the salesperson 'Daiyan' and his team for the hassle-free process to buy & use Cross-Trainer.

December 25, 2020

Name of trainer:satish Had a good session Model:HT55

R Kugan
November 29, 2020

Nijanthin provided me awesome fitness training and very knowledgeable and very slow and steady while providing the training.Once again thanks to nijanthin and propel fitness team

September 22, 2020

Patient and courteous approach by Ashok Kumar from fitness one propel sports showroom in nungambakkam/valluvarkottam branch. He also gave tips of weight reduction through the equipment with his expertise. That convinced me to complete the purchase of treadmill.

Bramanayaki S
September 16, 2020

Awesome showroom with customer friendly staffs.

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