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Based on 260 Reviews
Rex Shajoe
March 23, 2024

It's really a wonderful experience with Valasaravakkam branch and got good guidance from Mr. BALA. The PT82i model has got spri g suspension which will reduce the back issues and vibration problems. Also got a very good training from coach nirmal. Coach came home to explain the treadmill operation and given health fitness suggestions.

Vinoth Kumar
March 22, 2024

Showroom ambiance was so good... and mR. Satish was good knowledge person in equipment and fitness and I bought a HT 55 treadmill it was for daily workouts.. delivery and installation is good on time and pricing and compare to other brand....and trainer Nirmal ce at home for training session it was helpful.... Thanks mr. Satish... Strongly recommend.....

Riya Suha
March 10, 2024

good Showroom. nice Responce with Bala.he suggest me treadmill HT55 it was good pricing are good compare other brand. training session are good.

Vishnu Suresh
February 13, 2024

Nice showroom ...good response with Mr.satish... ..pricing are so less compare to other brand.. Strongly recommended.....

Vinayak B
January 31, 2024

Rewriting my review, Fitness one responded by next day, Mr. Murugan promptly delivered and did installation. Also arranged for fitness trainer. Over all good experience and trust to go place. Equipment is also good. Will post about the equipment after 3 months review.

Shanu Ameer
January 5, 2024

I purchased a elipitical cross trainer hx69i from this valasaravakkam showroom it was awesome and then the installation was very fast and good . The trainer sathish is also very good and explain every exercise and gave full guide thank you propel fitness one🤍

Dinesh Lal
December 13, 2023

I bought treadmill machine here . The prices was reasonable and also the customer service was amazing . Installation along with a demo was done on the next day of buying itself. A sathish trainer also came after installation to explain us the correct method of doing it.Thank you propel fitnessone

sakthiraj J
November 6, 2023

We purchased HT72i from Valasaravakam branch on better prize. In the next day itself got delivery and installation at our home. Also received Trainer (Mr.Sathish) for proper usage of Treadmill as well as general diets. We found it is useful and suggest others to prefer this shop for Gym equipment purchase.

thenmozhi siva
September 28, 2023

Showroom ambiance was really great. The instructor was clear in explaining the usage of the machine. Really satisfied. The fitness trainer also explained things clearly. worth the visit and purchase.

Vinodh Kumar
September 16, 2023

Overall felt satisfactory with the purchase, service and installation. Sathish have attended us. His response is highly satisfied. We procured through Bajaj finance, the formalities with them is not up to the level. It is a lengthy process. Trainer Nirmal has gave training to us. Training is highly satisfied.. Good to procure second treadmil from fitness one.

Rajesh Sivam
August 13, 2023

Excellent showroom , sales , fitting and traning provided by them.

Sudhakar PS
July 30, 2023

Excellent Service done by Mr.Murugan - ShowRoom Manager . He understood our requirements and explained well...They have arranged a fitness trainer as well .. Delivery on time and have done the installation on spot. Services are too good.. 😊

Good morning to all, I have purchased HT 73 treadmill in propel fitness valasaravakkam. Mr.Sathish is explained very clearly what to buy nd demonstrate very nice.He is taking care very well and wish him very success. Mr.Nirmal is trainer, He came to my house and trained me ,how to do prework out and post workouts.He I s gem of the person.All success is future.

Razack Basha
July 9, 2023

Good explanation on the equipment by sathish. And as said the gym equipment was delivered on time. The fitting was done on time and well explained on the equipment the mechanism. The gym trainer nirmal gave full instruction on do's and don't of workouts and the equipments use.And well explained the workouts needs to be done for weightloss. Overall thanks for the good service to the Fitness one team.

I bought treadmill and cycling machine here . The prices was reasonable and also the customer service was amazing . Installation along with a demo was done on the next day of buying itself. A trainer also came after installation to explain us the correct method of doing it.

Harish Nair
June 27, 2023

The showroom ambiance is good.... I bought a PT 84i treadmill from valasarvakkam showroom.. delivery and installation is good on time....and trainer Mr.Nirmal came at home for training session it's good for me and my family membersThanku propel valasarvakkam showroom

Priya Karthik (PRI)
June 16, 2023

Showroom was good and delivery was on time good installation and the model was good and our trainer came and explained very well . our training session was so clearly explainable and we enjoyed the session. we gained more knowledge about the model all over everything is good..! And we r so happy to receive our product...! Tqs to propel and all over the team...!

May 21, 2023

Showroom Manager Murugan has given us the right suggestion for choosing the right product. We bought HX69i Cross Trainer. Delivery and installation happened perfectly on time. Wish to place on record our special appreciation to trainer Nirmal, who came to our home and trained us on how to use the equipment properly. Also, he has given us lot of ideas on different types of exercises, which we can do at home. Overall an wonderful experience.

Arjit Arun
March 11, 2023

Showroom was very good and the instructor Mr. Murugan is knowledgeable person for fitness equipment. I bought a threadmill pt84i it is a premium model for home based equipment…and the delivery and installation was very good and training was given at home trainer Mr.Nirmal gave us the neat and proper introduction to workout Thank you Propel valasaravakkam…. And it is strongly recommended

February 11, 2023

Showroom ambiance is so good..Mr. Murugan is good knowledge able person for fitness equuipment ...and he suggest me HT 55 treadmill and PDA81cycle and I bought both the equipment its was very good for weight loss machine.....and delivery and installation is on time perfectly. And Trainer called me for training session its worth for daily workouts to reduce my weight ......Thanku Murugan. ....,

Nice showroom and good explanation by the staff murugan . I purchased a treadmill from this showroom it was awesome and then the installation was very fast and good . The trainer is also very good and explain every exercise and gave full guide

vengatesh kumar
January 24, 2023

Recently bought EFX model no: cx 83i from propel fitness. It got delivered within a day and After purchase they sent a personal trainer named Nirmal to demonstrate different variations and it was very helpful.

omprakash k
January 19, 2023

The showroom ambiance is good.... I bought a HT 55 treadmill from valasarvakkam showroom.. delivery and installation is good on time....and trainer Mr.Nirmal came at home for training session it's good for me and my family members....Thanku propel valasarvakkam showroom......

CV Rajarajan
December 16, 2022

I bought a traedmill ht72i from valasarvakkam it's good for Home usage... Delivery install is good on time..trainer Nirmal came at home it's worth for my family member to reduce fat loss.Thanku propel fitness valasarvakkam...

I ordered elliptical cross trainer delivered on time.. and explained the workouts demo clearly by Nirmal

Syed Abdul Khadir
November 17, 2022

Excellent service and good demo provided by Nirmal

sathish kumar
October 17, 2022

Good store in valasaravakkam and i have purchased cross trainer model propel HDA66i. It's excellent.. The demo was given for easy operation and usage. It is worth cost of purchase. Trainer Mr. Sathish gave training how to use the machine and dieting tips very patiently answered all our questions and cleared doubts thanks propel fitnessone

Aswin Balaji
September 28, 2022

I have purchased HT 72i Treadmill recently at Fitness one Valasaravakkam Branch, Worth for the price, Mr.Sathish has given proper demo and detailed training and also given diet analysis will recommend for sure.

Adhi - MSD
September 22, 2022

I have me the mr. Murugan propel fitness one staff he explanations very professional and useful and service installation perfect after installation mr sathish come to my home explain diat & workouts thanks sathish and valasarakkam branch propel fitness one model no:HT55

Salman Faris
September 17, 2022

sathish has given his training well Equipment also was very good Equipment name HT72i Thanks valasaravakkam fitness one branch

jeevitha kumar
September 13, 2022

We have recently purchased treadmil from propel Valasaravakkam branch. We got the free training session from sathish, which was very helpful. He did showed us practically and also shared us some valuable dietary information which is highly efficient. Overall , a very good purchase from them

Vijay BR
September 10, 2022

I have brought HT 72I from propel fitness treadmill from Valsaravakkam branch. Mr Sathish and technician who came for installation explained the details very well. Mr.Sathish gave training and diet plan with good explanation.

Prasanna guna
August 27, 2022

I purchased HR66i bike from this branch....the process n branch was so smooth...the person in showroom was so helpful and kind... product delivery, installation was done the next day after purchase...They gave a complimentary trainer session at my house...Mr.Sathish, trainer came and gave a detailed analysis and plan for workout...HR66i bike is so comfortable and affordable....I got it with good discount in store than online

August 26, 2022

I'm very satisfied the proper explanation given by Mr. Sathish about the equipment and also very useful diet chart got and Happy to buy from fitness one equipment HT55 & thanks propel fitness valasaravakkam branch

Paul Raj
August 14, 2022

Mr. Sathish has been awesome to me. I really like how he give me tips and tricks to get the most out of every workout. I definitely recommend them to my friends and family HT72i

August 4, 2022

Good & useful information demo

Prince Christober
August 3, 2022

Mr.Sathish has been awesome to me. I really like how he give me tip and tricks to get the most out of every workout. i deffinitely recommend them to my friend and family thanks valasaravakkam branch ht73i

Eashwar Prasad
July 26, 2022

Mr.Sathish of Valasaravakkam branch gave an excellent demo of Elliptical and Multi gym equipments and gave an in-depth understanding of Do 's and don'ts to be followed. He has very good customer understanding skills and I thank him

Kala Ravikumar
July 21, 2022

Recently I purchased HT72i model, model was good, Mr. SATHISH given the excellent training from valasarawakkam branch

Had good feedback from Satish at Valasaravakkam branch

Thanks propel fitness one good equipment ht55& thanks sathish also

Prabhakaran C
July 9, 2022

Recently I am purchased ht55 good equipment and Sathish give to training session thanks Sathish and valasaravakkam branch

Sathish has given a good training notes about weight loss and treadmill is good to use. I bought this product from Propel fitness Arcot road Valasaravakkam branch

Vasanthi. S
July 5, 2022
Meena Ravi
July 4, 2022

Having appointments with you. You’ve given me tips on nutrition. Working out has become much more fun because now I actually know what I’m doing. Thanks for putting together my training program and helping me achieve the results. You truly are a professional your personal approach has worked wonders. Thank you Mr Sathish for being a trainer and a friend & Thanks propel fitnessone valasaravakkam

July 3, 2022

Thanks propel fitness valasaravakkam recently purchase HDA63i and Mr.Murugan give the explain very well and more special on video call also for my family good thank you..

Jaganath M
July 2, 2022

I bought a propel HT 72i model @Valasaravakkam branch & Mr.Satish (instructor) gave a training session with some really useful tips for a healthy lifestyle thanku propel.

Hari Ram
June 30, 2022

I purchased propel threadmill today. Installation and delivery was very quick. Mr. Sathish from Fitness one provided a excellent training session on how to use the machine and the diet & workout needs to be followed regularly. Totally it was very useful and excellent session. Thanks Fitnessone and Sathish.

Thomas Nallathambi
June 24, 2022

Thanks propel fitnessone good job Sathish keep it up

thanks propel fitness Mr sathish good person and give to use full tips and training session thanks Sathish ht73i valasaravakkam branch

June 16, 2022

Am purchased treadmill in propel fitness last month equipment quality 👌 very good must buy and Mr sathish give to training session very useful thanks propel fitness valasaravakkam branch HT55

Shanth Kj
June 14, 2022

Thanks propel fitness recently am purchase multigym and Sathish give to training session valasaravakkam branch sm1.18

Sakthivel P
June 9, 2022

I am sakthivel. Equipment purchase from valasaravakkam branch. Good approach with mr.sathish. model no.SM 1.18, CX83i. After purchase installation also nice and immediately. Workout demo also very useful and Excellent teaching.

Sarath R
June 8, 2022

Mr. Sathish give to training session very useful and equipment ht73i trademill nice prodect must buy

June 7, 2022

SIR SATHISH HAS GIVEN HIS TRAINING WELL Equipment also was very good Equipment name HT 73i

Azar Deen
June 7, 2022

Sathish training good at my home HT55 thanks propel fitness

May 17, 2022

Trainer Sathish has said clearly about the diet plan and the usage of the treadmill

March 24, 2022

Mr sathish give to training session thanks sathish and Porur showroom ht72i

rajesh rajesh
March 4, 2022

Sathish give to training session thanks propel

Maddy Phenomenal
March 2, 2022

Recently am purchase treadmill propel fitness and Mr sathish give to demo and training session also thanks sathish

March 2, 2022

Mr sathish give to training session thanks propel fitness Ht55

sudha ramesh
November 15, 2021

Satish provided good demonstration and training guidelines for HT55 treadmill

November 10, 2021

Mr sathish the trainer from fitness one visíted US and explained every detail to our satisfaction. model HDA 63I

Jeganath K
October 10, 2021

My friend refer Propel fitness valasaravakkam model BT72I,,,Mr.Murugan sales person explain about treadmill & workout with proffesional we get EMI approval process within 15min great experience,,,,they deliver,install & traning session next day itself...

Sandhiya m
October 9, 2021

My experience with Mr. Sathish has been and continues to be perfect. Convenience at its finest The workouts are tough but rewarding and produce amazing results quickly if you commit to it. Thanku Mr. Sathish for giving an awesome training

Suganya E R
October 9, 2021

Mr.Sathish has been awesome to me. I really like how he give me tip and tricks to get the most out of every workout. i deffinitely recommend them to my friend and family.

It was a Gud Experience, with the trainer Mr. Sathish, who had given training to us regaring the treadmill... And thanks for the propel fitness center to gave the treadmill in gud price...

ramana don
September 14, 2021

I'm very satisfied the proper explanation given by Mr. Sathish about the equipment and also very useful diet chart got and Happy to buy from fitness one equipment HT72i

Subash Ravi
September 13, 2021

Excellent training I have got from Mr.sathish incredibly friendly and extremely qualified! He knows how to push you to the limit in the best way possible with your workouts. Highly recommended!

suresh reddy
August 23, 2021
Ganmar Technologies
April 30, 2021


Sumathy Chelladurai
March 15, 2021

I'm very satisfied the proper explanation given by Mr. Sathish about the equipment and also very useful diet chart got and Happy to buy from fitness one equipment PT90i

Anu priya G
February 25, 2021

Sathish is a good trainer.He teach very well..I buy a treadmill for him.That machine quantity is awesome and helpful for daily usage.It is very useful for me.HT 55

Bala Saran007
February 19, 2021

Mr. Sathish give to good training session Thanks propel fitness one. HT73i

Jeevana Sree
February 19, 2021

Thanks Sathish

ramesh mohan
February 17, 2021

Recently am buying treadmill it performance awsome and Mr sathish give to many tips and workout am so happy thanks propel fitnessone family your job is great HT55

v2 fitness club
February 12, 2021

I just went to enquiry to buy machine for gym one of your guys which sathish receive me and explained well about all the details about equipment PT88i is well knowledge guy about that treadmill

Parthipan Ragu
January 16, 2021

Thanks propel for quick delivery....

Rafiq Basha
January 12, 2021
Bharath Kumaaran
March 18, 2020

Thanks propel fitness

Recently purchase hda63i sathish give to training session very useful thanks sathish and thanks propel fitness

January 25, 2020


Andrew Bosco
January 25, 2020

Very useful and satisfactory. Explanation was very helpful.

Arunbabu Elangovan
January 20, 2020

I booked the propel fitness treadmill HT55 from Porur shop. Delivery and installation was on time. Trainer Satish also came on time and explained the usage very clearly. He also explained the food habits to be followed for effective results. Overall it was a very satisfying experience with propel fitness.

Msk chennai
January 9, 2020

recently am purchased propel fitness prodect its very good quality and mr sathish come to home and give to training session very usefull . thanks sathish

Satish gave us good explanation about cycle much impressed HR63i

Potrivel Somasundaram
December 24, 2019

We've just bough theTreadmill HT72i from FitnessOne's-Valasaravakkam. Mr.Satish-Sales Executive demonstrated very well. Also, He managed to delivered the equipment on the next day & its been installed on the same day. Good support provided by him. Many Thanks!!

Hameeth Hameeth
December 24, 2019

Recently am purchase HT72i, HDA63i thanks propel fitness and sathish

Chetana Lakshmi
November 19, 2019

Sathish explained procedure to be followed very well...good job sathish HDA67I

Durgadevi K
November 18, 2019

Mr.Sathish has been given advise & training for elliptical trainer HX 111.Sactisfied.

Praveen Kumar P
October 26, 2019

HT55 nice treadmill thanks sathish explained very well

V Vignesh kumar
October 24, 2019

Well trained by mr.satish.Taught diet plans with proper restriction. Good training and product delivery by propel ltd.

October 17, 2019

Very nice& Polaite explanations

Ganesan Rangasamy
October 9, 2019

Trainer Sathish has given good concepts of reducing weight using the treadmill. Thanks

Kanmani Mathialagan
June 18, 2019

Visited couple of times this place, some time ago. Bought treadmill a year ago. Small show room, however multiple models / variants are available according to budjet. After sales service was excellent. Called few times to check the performance. Very cooperative

nilesh dolia
September 21, 2018


The service was prompt and Trainer Sathish came home and gave us brief and useful tips on diet and exercise on the equipment delivered to us. Thank you propel fitness one

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