Multi Gym SM1.18
Multi Gym SM1.18
Multi gym SM 1.18 | home gym | Biceps curl
Multi gym sm 1.18 | whole body strength workout | equipment
Multi gym sm 1.18 | seated row | biceps curl
Multi gym sm 1.18 | multi gym | SM 1.18
Multi gym sm 1.18 | multi gym | SM 1.18

Multi Gym SM1.18



Weight stack

12 X 10 LBs


Seated Bench Press, Pectoral Fly, Front/Back Lat Pull Down, Tricep Extension, Leg Extension, Leg Curl.

Low Pulley Exercises

Seated Row, Front / Side Deltoid Raises, Adduction / Abduction, Biceps Curl, Wrist Curl & Preacher Curl.

Other Features

The Chest Press with padded pressing. Provided with durable Nylon coated cable and Ball-bearing Pulleys for smooth & comfortable workout.


SM 1.18 Home Gym is a complete and compact machine with possibilities of doing 20 important exercises


124 kg / 130 kg

Product dimension

182 X 117 X 207cm

Multi Gym SM1.18 is the ultimate in-body fitness training. A typical Multi Gym SM1.18 enables up to 50 different exercises, and several people can work out.